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Ace Data Center offers two "Liebert Aisles" boasting (6) 60 ton untis pushing air 360 degrees to each cold aisle.<br><br>This design offers highly redundant (greater than N+2) cooling to each private suite. Due to highly efficient airflow management, CRAC units rarely engage, even in the warmer summer months so servers are maintained at optimal temperatues at all times. Airflow efficiency is optimized using fully contained and segragated hot <b>and</b> cold aisles.  Cold air is supplied via the 36" raised floor, pushed through the servers using positive air pressure, and ehausted through the segrated hot aisle for reconditioning. <br><br>This photo shows the cold aisle of a private suite or "pod."  Each server aisle contains twenty (20) 52u high-density cabinets offering A+B redundant power feeds.<br><br>  Cabinets are front and rear lockable for security and each ailse features restricted key card access in addition to CCTV surveliance. By the time a customer actually reaches a server, they would have passed through seven layers of security checkpoints and surveliance. Another shot of a cold aisle.  Our 52u high-density rack and power solution is ideal for hosting companies, high-volume servers, data backup solutions, corporate collocation, dedcated server reselling solutions, etc.  <br><br>Don't forget to ask about ACE's IP bandwidth that offers  multiple Tier I and Tier II carriers together via redundant paths plus low-latency all at an amazing price and flexibility.  It truly is the best of all worlds. Have you ever tried to rack a server at the top of a 52u cabinet by yourself?  Well, don't.  :)  ACE DC provides access to commercial quality server lifts to make installation a snap.  <br><br> Also provided are server peripheals like keyboards, monitors, mice, etc. so you can get in, out, and on with your server management without having to deal with the small stuff.  Of course, you may alway reboot a server via our online account managmeent tool provided at no additional charge.  If you need our help, utilize ACE's remote hardware hands service to make it even easier. ACE DC is primed and ready for any size of customer.  <br><br>Wheter an emerging company looking for a quarter cabinet, or an enterprise corporation requiring several private suites, we've got you covered.  <br><br>Before you decide on how many cabinets you may need, talk to one of our consultants.  Most new customers we talk to save 30-40% by just utilizing the space and power advantages ACE offers over other data center solutions.<br><br>Our colocation space is turn-key and ready to go.  We have cabinets, power, and bandwidth options in place to make rapid deployment a cinch.  <br><br>Call today to discuss your custom configuration.  <br><br></p><a href='#'><strong>Follow me for instant pricing. </strong> ACE offers multiple layers of security before anyone can access a  cabinet.  <br><br>
          (1) In order to enter the building, all personnell must pass biometirc verification and posses an access controlled key card issued to them by our secuirty team. Biometric scanners are located in "man traps" to prevent anyone entering or exiting without proper authorization.   <br><br>
         (2) Once in the building, all personnell must pass in-person credentialing at the 24/7 manned security desk.<br><br>
         (3) Once past the security desk, various check points throughout the building require keycard access. <br><br>
         (4) 100% of the faciity is tightly monitored by monitored closed circuit cameras. <br><br>
         (5) Each "suite" once again requires keycard access verification. Users only have access to servers in their suite.<br><br>
         (6) Each cabinet is lockable via a unique combination that only you know. <br><br> All extermal entrances to the Data Center require biometric and keycard validation.  Users must arrange for access by contacting the security desk. The perimeter of the building is monitored by closed-curcuit cameras 24/7 x 365. Ace provide true N+1 redundant generator power run in parrallel. Each generator proves 2 megawatts of power and holds 1500 gallons of diesel fuel.  The generators are tested 2X a month and are serviced under preferred fueling and maintenance contracts through multiple providors.<br><br>ACE always provides N+1 generator power and has space allocated to add additional generators as demand grows. A closer look inside one of the backup power generators. The geniuses at ACE designed the cooling system from the ground up.  <br><br>No other data center offers a system like ours which is why we have the edge in delivering much higher cooling density over other solutions on the market.  With an annual average PUE of less than 1.2, ACE Data Centers is extremely power efficient and eco friendly. As you can see, this photo was taken during the data center construction phase.  All servers are located above 36-inch raised floor space to optimize maximum cooling availability to each cabinet.  <br><br>We built the data center from the ground up with efficiency and usability in mind at every step.